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Re: Monit start delay only on boot

From: David Jones
Subject: Re: Monit start delay only on boot
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2019 13:09:08 +0000

On 6/7/19 3:16 AM, Lutz Mader wrote:
> Hello David,
> like suggested by Martin, I use a script to defere the monit start after
> a system reboot (AIX and Linux), on the one hand.

I want to continue using the standard init.d and systemd startup scripts 
built into the RPMs to start monit on boot.  Are you suggesting to 
disable monit on boot and start it with another method like an 
/etc/cron.d file with @reboot and sleep?  Or a script called by 

This would work but it seems like a hack for each sysadmin to do when we 
all need the same functionality and it should only be a few lines of 
code to implement for everyone with a reasonable default value.

>> Correct, I want to drop the start delay down to 30 seconds from my current 
>> setting of 120 so service restarts will have less lag.  However, there could 
>> be some things like JAVA-based applications that need more time to startup 
>> completely after a server reboot.
> On the other hand I use "depends on" to some services/resources to
> defere the start of the JVMs (WebSphere and/or Liberty Profile) for some
> systems.
> Back to your suggestion,
> an additional monit start option to give the deplay is more fexible than
> a additional "monitrc" statement to do this, I think.

I have about 1,000 CentOS 5, 6, and 7 servers/VMs all running 5.25.3 
with the same monitrc.  It would be much easier to update the monitrc 
then change the startup scripts that are very different across these 
servers and built into the RPMs.  Updating monit next time by the RPMs 
could overwrite the systemd and init.d scripts.  It is generally not a 
good idea to modify the RPM-managed startup scripts.  Also, the 
different packagers of the RPMs aren't consistent with an 
/etc/sysconfig/monit file for options like this.



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