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link up/down spam

From: Gerrit Kühn
Subject: link up/down spam
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2019 11:29:15 +0200


I have a link check set up like this:

check network net with interface ixl0
        if failed link then alert
        if changed link capacity then alert

The network to this interface is not connected right now, i.e., there is
no cable plugged in. However, I still get monit alert messages all the
time changing between link-up / link-down. The link-up message (which
appears to be bogus to me) comes with a description line saying

Description: link data collection succeeded

Is this expected behaviour? It looks like monit is treating merely being
able to talk to the NIC as "up" status (which is definitely not true in
this case). This is using Monit 5.25.3 on FreeBSD 12.0 (in case that
should matter).


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