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Failure to start one service impacts monitoring of another

From: Andrew.Howat
Subject: Failure to start one service impacts monitoring of another
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2019 21:33:22 +0000

My current setup generally works correctly and does the following:

1.       process-A is started

2.       monit is started with a config to monitor process-A

3.       process-B is started and sets up its monitoring with monit


What I occasionally see is that when monit starts in step 2, it detects that process-A is not running and attempts to start it.  That startup fails for reasons I don’t know yet.  I don’t own the process-A so don’t have much insight into it.


However, my bigger issue is that it seems like because of this that the monitoring of process-B in step 3 does not complete correctly.  I end up with the process-B in a “Not monitored” state.  The config file is under /etc/monit.d and ‘monit status’ certainly knows about it but reports that it is “Not monitored”.  I can manually enable it by running ‘monit monitor process-B’.


Is this normal that monit processing one service’s restart logic can interfere with the enabling of monitoring of another service?  Any workaround for this or suggestions on how to resolve so I can have reliable monitoring of my service even if another one fails briefly at startup?


I’m using  monit version 5.25.1


Appreciate any help,


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