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Re: How to watch file content tests for several events in the same cycle

From: Marcus Mülbüsch
Subject: Re: How to watch file content tests for several events in the same cycle?
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2019 12:11:38 +0200
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Hello Tino, hello list,

I "feared" as much. As usual, a script is the way to go. Alas, I was hoping for something ready-to-go.

   (Not that writing a script is taht difficult.)


> Am 26.09.2019 um 12:25 schrieb Tino Hendricks:

my suggestion as usual pleas for use of a script, because I don’t think monit 
can do what you need out of the box.

Something like

if [[ $((`tail -3 /var/log/log_to_watch | grep CRITICAL | wc -l`)) -gt 1 ]] ; 
then …

might be a way to go?

Take care


Am 26.09.2019 um 11:11 schrieb Marcus Mülbüsch <address@hidden>:

Hello all,

the following lines alert me if the logfiles contains 2 Criticals in 2 minutes 
and ignores single Crits:

check file log_to_watch with path /var/log/log_to_watch
  if match "CRITICAL" for 2 times within 2 cycles then alert

However, my Crits mostly happen in the same second. I can safely ignore a 
single one, but want monit to alert me if several happen at once (or in short 
succession). The above lines does not do that.

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to proceed. Is there a way?

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.



Marcus Mülbüsch

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