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poll time

From: sashk
Subject: poll time
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 13:41:45 -0400

I have a question on how to improve my config file. I have several hosts, which I would like to monitor, but I don't want to run some checks every cycle, and therefore come up with something like code bellow: check host and it's services availability every cycle, but check ssl certificate for expiration once every hour. Is there a way to combine two services definition into a single service definition?
check host hostname with address
  if failed ping then alert
 if failed port 443 with protocol https then alert
 if failed port 993...  
 if failed port 25...
check host ssl-hostname with address every 60 cycles
   if failed port 443 with protocol https
       and certificate valid > 14 days use ssl options {verify: enable}
   then alert

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