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RE: Monit and laptops

From: Tomich,John
Subject: RE: Monit and laptops
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2020 15:17:37 +0000

If you just stop the artifact, won't a process reboot activate it again?  
Safer to uninstall, or at least untarget.

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Hello David,
I use monit on a Macbook, this works well.

> It seems like Monit would do just fine with a config that said “ping this 
> address and if you have N failures in time T (or cycles), cycle the 
> interface”. My only concern is how it might handle situations when the laptop 
> sleeps or partially sleeps (or wakes up and doesn’t have wifi for a bit). I 
> don’t think I’d want it to be flapping things in those cases.

But you are right, a wake-up or a switch to a other wlan is a problem.

I configure monitrc to use the Macbook hostname to bind to.

use address macbook.local

And monit monitor themselves, to bind to an interface after the wake-up.

check host Monit with address macbookpro.local
  start program "/usr/local/bin/monit reload"
  if failed port 2812 with protocol https username "guest" password "guest"
     and request "/_ping" with status >= 200
     with ssl options {verify: disable, selfsigned: allow}
     with timeout 30 seconds for 3 cycles then start #  if failed port 2812 
with timeout 30 seconds for 3 cycles then start
#     else if recovered then alert
  if 3 restarts within 10 cycles then unmonitor

With regards,

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