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Re: Monit and laptops

From: Lutz Mader
Subject: Re: Monit and laptops
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2020 19:56:59 +0200
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this is a typo only.

> Thanks for this snippet. I noticed you listed two separate hosts (macbook.and 
> macbookpro.local).

I use the local macbook host name to bind to and check this name.

> check host Monit with address macbookpro.local
>   start program "/usr/local/bin/monit reload"
>   if failed port 2812 with protocol https username "guest" password
>      and request "/_ping" with status >= 200
>      with ssl options {verify: disable, selfsigned: allow}
>      with timeout 30 seconds for 3 cycles then start
>   if 3 restarts within 10 cycles then unmonitor

The check run every cycle and try to login to the monitor, if the logon
failed tree times the start command will executed.
If the Monit monitoring will be stopped it never started again. In
general the logon succeded after the start (the monit reload) command.
But I try to prevent useless/endless recovery after a give time, this is
the reason I disable the check themselfe.

> Sorry if this seems like very basic questions.

The question is reasonable, I use "start" only, the "restart" check does
not work (perhaps). I will check this, I find "start" requests only but
no "unmonitor" request in the log files. On the other hand, after the
first "monit reload" the monitor will response all the time.

With regards,

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