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Re: source patch to alterate log level of start stop restart event

From: fusillator
Subject: Re: source patch to alterate log level of start stop restart event
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2020 18:30:06 +0100
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Hi Luts, thanks for your hint and time. I tried the verbose command line options but they are too noisy for my aim, I'm only interested to log the executions outcome of the process events.

That's because I noticed that some services provide startup scripts which rely on the service manager capacities to collects their outputs
we're too lazy to change every scripts or redirect the commands output in the monit configurations to collect them so I thought I'd rather exploit the hard work of monit programmers. 

In my opinion it could be a good option to make customizable so I'm wondering if there's some cons or work in progress.




On 02/12/20 16:41, wrote:


are you do some tests with the monit options -v or -vv to get the additional information you are interrested in?

These options enables a verbose mode inside monit and report some more information to the log file.


A sugestion/question only,


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