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Re: source patch to alterate log level of start stop restart event

From: Lutz Mader
Subject: Re: source patch to alterate log level of start stop restart event
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2020 10:26:28 +0100
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Hello Luca,
unfortunatly, my way does not collect the start/stop messages with
monit. The status information are collected only.

> hi Lutz, a good workaround, it gathers messages regarding the status,
> but my aim was collecting messages/status of the actual execution of
> start/stop program, although similar the flow could not be the same.

But it is a nice idea to collect the output from the last command in
monit, you should describe your problem and add an issue via Bitbucket.
Proposals or enhancement requests are welcome too, in general. And if
these information became available via M/Monit (or the web interface)
your suggestion saves some time to find problems, I think.

I use an additional file check to find useful messages, but the used
scripts write all the output to a log file too, also it is not a problem
for me and the monitored applications.

But I use the status output (from check program) to get some more
information about the application status for some applications.

With regards,

This is my way to handle more complex application, see
for example

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