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RE: monitrc syntax

From: Roose, Marco
Subject: RE: monitrc syntax
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2021 09:42:28 +0000

Hi Anthony,
this should be an easy task. I usually create a bash script doing the check 
ant exiting with 1 on failed checks. The you could configure monit

check program DIG_foo_bar with path /etc/monit.d/
    if status != 0 then exec

where is an example with some script execution, too.

Kind regards,
Dr. Marco Roose

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Subject: monitrc syntax

hi I'm running centos 7 with monit-5.27.2 (built from source not yum).
monitrc is set to check every 30 seconds and I wondered if its possible that 
monit could 'check' a dig command and if the ip address that came back was 
wrong it would run a script. I've been through monitrc but can't work out a 
way to do this or understand what the correct syntax would be. thanks for any 

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