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failed to start (exit status -1) -- Program /usr/bin/php timed out

From: Sébastien Desse
Subject: failed to start (exit status -1) -- Program /usr/bin/php timed out
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2021 11:35:58 +0400


I have a bit of trouble configuring a monitor and would appreciate your help.


It’s for a php job that runs forever and process a queue, I’ve setup monit like this:


check process QueuesProcessing

   matching "/usr/bin/php /data/symfony/bin/console PosBundle:ProcessIncoming --env=prod"

   start program = "/usr/bin/php /data/symfony/bin/console PosBundle:ProcessIncoming --env=prod"

        as uid www-data and gid www-data

   if does not exist then start


It seems it fails to start the command but I’m not sure why:


root@BATCH01:/etc/monit/conf.d# monit validate

'SERVER.VISION_QueuesProcessing' process is not running

'SERVER.VISION_QueuesProcessing' start: /usr/bin/php

'SERVER.VISION_QueuesProcessing' failed to start (exit status -1) -- Program /usr/bin/php timed out


I Googled this but couldn’t find something that speaks to me.

Would you know why I get a timeout calling php?


Thank you,

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