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Re: Monit port does not work on bootup

From: Mike Jakubik
Subject: Re: Monit port does not work on bootup
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2022 12:40:47 -0400
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Unfortunately this does not work for my requirements and Monit works just fine with a  bash script but only after i log in, so i would prefer this issue would addressed instead.


---- On Sat, 23 Apr 2022 04:17:59 -0400 SZÉPE Viktor <> wrote ----

Mike Jakubik

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Idézem/Quoting Mike Jakubik <>:

> Hi,
> I am using the monit with FreeBSD 13 to auto start some custom
> elixir apps, however, when i freshly boot the server, it fails with
> "env: bash: No such file or directory". It's like monit or the way
> it calls bash cant find env, which is strange, and only on bootup.
> Subsequent calls to the script work fine after i login with the user
> that owns the script.
> Thanks.

Hello Mike!

If you have an ELF binary it is really simple to boot up.
If you have an interpreted language (a script) it is much harder.

I use old start-stop-daemon to start up a PHP script:
You find all my Monit knowledge in that directory.

All the best to you!

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