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Monit log timestamp format

From: Ani A
Subject: Monit log timestamp format
Date: Fri, 6 May 2022 12:03:57 +0530


I have monit version 5.25.1 on a Ubuntu Bionic, in that, I see the logs
of the form:

[UTC May  6 06:27:31] debug    : '<mydaemon>' zombie check succeeded

Is there any way to include the milliseconds in the timestamp? or to change the
timestamp format ?

Earlier, I was using syslog so that I can get a timestamp like:

2022-05-06 03:51:09.427 monit[16814]: '<mydaemon>' zombie check succeeded

But In newer Linux,  systemd taking over the logging, syslogs go via
journald! I see logs in the syslog files as well as in the journals!
Hence, I am thinking of falling back to the file log option, but it's
essential for us to see milliseconds as well, in the timestamp! Any

A. Aniruddha

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