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link upload errors - ?

From: lejeczek
Subject: link upload errors - ?
Date: Wed, 25 May 2022 21:07:05 +0100
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Hi guys.

I have something which I think I can say is peculiar & weird.
I monitor a net link, wireguard interface to be specific, about which 'monit' is not happy.
I see:
'wg0' 8 upload errors detected
'wg0' trying to restart
'wg0' stop: '/usr/bin/systemctl stop wg-quick@wg0.service'
'wg0' start: '/usr/bin/systemctl start wg-quick@wg0.service'
'wg0' download errors check succeeded

What are the errors 'monit' reports?
I watch the link and and link stays up, nothing seems wrong with it except 'monit' sees it as "failed"
In monit confg i have regular stuff I believe:

check network wg0 with interface wg0
  start program = "/usr/bin/systemctl start wg-quick@wg0.service"   stop program  = "/usr/bin/systemctl stop wg-quick@wg0.service"
  if failed link then alert
  if 3 restarts within 20 cycles then unmonitor

What makes it weird - aside the fact that I cannot see link is down - is the fact that this wg0 link connects to two hosts which are too watched by 'monit', their wg0 ifaces naturally, and there on both those hosts monit is happy, no action needed.

all suggestion on how to troubleshoot this are very welcomed.
thanks, L.

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