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Re: Action if checksum did not change

From: Jej
Subject: Re: Action if checksum did not change
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2022 19:41:41 +0200


In my case, if the checksum of the file didn't change, it means an event didn't occur well. But I could manage another way, no problem. Just my first idea was to check and trigger an alert if the checksum didnt change (despite mtime changed). With not ELSE and no NOT, I was trapped!

I cannot tell if it has sens or not regarding any possible use case, but at least a test and it's negation have always a sens ;)


Le 12 juin 2022 18:46:14 GMT+02:00, Lutz Mader <> a écrit :
Hello Jej,
from my point of view it make no sense.

Any reason why IF CHANGED CHECKSUM does not support the ELSE? Of something like IF NOT CHANGED CHECKSUM.

Alerts are thrown if something changed. If nothing happen, no alert will
thrown. An alert for nothing make no sense.

But this is just my opinion only,
a reason to thrown an alert if nothing will happen.

With regards,

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