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Re: ssl: unsafe legacy renegotiation

From: sashk
Subject: Re: ssl: unsafe legacy renegotiation
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2023 14:22:50 -0500


> Google the error and solution. Either update SSL on the cable modem “server” 
> if you can or modify Monit (the client) yourself. 

Upgrading ssl is not possible on cable modem, therefore as I stated in my 
original email:
>>  It seems re-configuring OpenSSL it is possible to do systemwide, but I 
>> would like to avoid doing so.

I was hoping there is a way, similar to ssl options {version: TLSV1,... } to 
enable this setting just for this particular check in monit, not systemwide, as 
this opens system to CVE-2009-3555.


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