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[Monotone-devel] Re: patch: monotone source for mercurial convert extens

From: Mikkel Fahnøe Jørgensen
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Re: patch: monotone source for mercurial convert extension
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 16:39:14 +0100

I cleaned up as suggested and attached the patches to avoid line
wrapping issues.
Below is a cleartext version of the file for reference
(with linewraps).

Now uses the commandline class. The previously mentioned IOError issue
is handled by catching get_file_of exceptions and raising IOError in
the getfile method.

The new mtnrun method makes it easier to implement "mtn automate
stdio" support because all arguments are now given in a list and a
See also:


# monotone support for the convert extension

import os, re, time
from mercurial import util
from common import NoRepo, commit, converter_source, checktool, commandline
from mercurial.i18n import _

class monotone_source(converter_source, commandline):
    def __init__(self, ui, path=None, rev=None):
        converter_source.__init__(self, ui, path, rev)
        commandline.__init__(self, ui, 'mtn')

        self.ui = ui
        self.path = path

        # regular expressions for parsing monotone output
        space    = r'\s*'
        name     = r'\s+"((?:[^"]|\\")*)"\s*'
        value    = name
        revision = r'\s+\[(\w+)\]\s*'
        lines    = r'(?:.|\n)+'

        self.dir_re      = re.compile(space + "dir" + name)
        self.file_re     = re.compile(space + "file" + name +
"content" + revision)
        self.add_file_re = re.compile(space + "add_file" + name +
"content" + revision)
        self.patch_re    = re.compile(space + "patch" + name + "from"
+ revision + "to" + revision)
        self.rename_re   = re.compile(space + "rename" + name + "to" + name)
        self.tag_re      = re.compile(space + "tag" + name +
"revision" + revision)
        self.cert_re     = re.compile(lines + space + "name" + name +
"value" + value)

        attr = space + "file" + lines + space + "attr" + space
        self.attr_execute_re = re.compile(attr  + '"mtn:execute"' +
space + '"true"')

        # cached data
        self.manifest_rev = None
        self.manifest = None
        self.files = None
        self.dirs  = None

        norepo = NoRepo (_("%s does not look like a monotone repo") % path)
        if not os.path.exists(path):
            raise norepo


        # test if there are any revisions
        self.rev = None
            raise norepo
        self.rev = rev

    def mtnrun(self, *args, **kwargs):
        kwargs['d'] = self.path
        return self.run0('automate', *args, **kwargs)

    def mtnloadmanifest(self, rev):
        if self.manifest_rev == rev:
        self.manifest = self.mtnrun("get_manifest_of", rev).split("\n\n")
        self.manifest_rev = rev
        self.files = {}
        self.dirs = {}

        for e in self.manifest:
            m = self.file_re.match(e)
            if m:
                attr = ""
                name =
                node =
                if self.attr_execute_re.match(e):
                    attr += "x"
                self.files[name] = (node, attr)
            m = self.dir_re.match(e)
            if m:
                self.dirs[] = True

    def mtnisfile(self, name, rev):
        # a non-file could be a directory or a deleted or renamed file
            return True
        except KeyError:
            return False

    def mtnisdir(self, name, rev):
            return True
        except KeyError:
            return False

    def mtngetcerts(self, rev):
        certs = {"author":"<missing>", "date":"<missing>",
            "changelog":"<missing>", "branch":"<missing>"}
        cert_list = self.mtnrun("certs", rev).split("\n\n")
        for e in cert_list:
            m = self.cert_re.match(e)
            if m:
                certs[] =
        return certs

    def mtnrenamefiles(self, files, fromdir, todir):
        renamed = {}
        for tofile in files:
            suffix = tofile.lstrip(todir)
            if todir + suffix == tofile:
                renamed[tofile] = (fromdir + suffix).lstrip("/")
        return renamed

    # implement the converter_source interface:

    def getheads(self):
        if not self.rev:
            return self.mtnrun("leaves").splitlines()
            return [self.rev]

    def getchanges(self, rev):
        #revision = self.mtncmd("get_revision %s" % rev).split("\n\n")
        revision = self.mtnrun("get_revision", rev).split("\n\n")
        files = {}
        copies = {}
        for e in revision:
            m = self.add_file_re.match(e)
            if m:
                files[] = rev
            m = self.patch_re.match(e)
            if m:
                files[] = rev

            # Delete/rename is handled later when the convert engine
            # discovers an IOError exception from getfile,
            # but only if we add the "from" file to the list of changes.
            m = self.rename_re.match(e)
            if m:
                toname =
                fromname =
                if self.mtnisfile(toname, rev):
                    copies[toname] = fromname
                    files[toname] = rev
                    files[fromname] = rev
                if self.mtnisdir(toname, rev):
                    renamed = self.mtnrenamefiles(self.files, fromname, toname)
                    for tofile, fromfile in renamed.items():
                        self.ui.debug (_("copying file in renamed dir
from '%s' to '%s'") % (fromfile, tofile), '\n')
                        files[tofile] = rev
                    for fromfile in renamed.values():
                        files[fromfile] = rev
        return (files.items(), copies)

    def getmode(self, name, rev):
            node, attr = self.files[name]
            return attr
        except KeyError:
            return ""

    def getfile(self, name, rev):
        if not self.mtnisfile(name, rev):
            raise IOError() # file was deleted or renamed
            return self.mtnrun("get_file_of", name, r=rev)
            raise IOError() # file was deleted or renamed

    def getcommit(self, rev):
        certs   = self.mtngetcerts(rev)
        return commit(
            date=util.datestr(util.strdate(certs["date"], "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S")),
            parents=self.mtnrun("parents", rev).splitlines(),

    def gettags(self):
        tags = {}
        for e in self.mtnrun("tags").split("\n\n"):
            m = self.tag_re.match(e)
            if m:
                tags[] =
        return tags

    def getchangedfiles(self, rev, i):
        # This function is only needed to support --filemap
        # ... and we don't support that
        raise NotImplementedError()

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