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[Monotone-devel] Re: How will policy branches work?

From: Bruce Stephens
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Re: How will policy branches work?
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2008 11:47:20 +0000
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"Nuno Lucas" <address@hidden> writes:


> An extreme example of "cherry picking" is git bissect command. You
> could have the some functionality on monotone if people could also
> "unpluck" a changeset.

git bisect has no connection to cherry-picking, as far as I know.  git
bisect is just a scripted way to do "git checkout" for a sequence of

Such a thing would presumably be easy enough to add to monotone
without any particular changes---it's just that nobody's yet got
around to it.

Perhaps part of the reason is that git's just so much faster, so
checking out at a dozen or so revisions doesn't feel extravagant?
(That wouldn't make much sense, since surely the checkout time is
insignificant compared to the time of building and testing each
revision, but sometimes incorrect perceptions can drive such


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