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Re: [Monotone-devel] couple of things

From: Markus Schiltknecht
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] couple of things
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 13:21:42 +0100
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Zack Weinberg wrote:
2) I propose to merge nvm.experiment.encapsulation to trunk on
Saturday or Sunday.  I do not consider it 100% done, and I hope to
finish the remaining work before then, but if I don't, I'm going to
merge it anyway, because 95% is enough.  If anyone has comments,
criticisms, or additional patches, now is the time.

Cool, thanks. I've just looked into again, did a propagate and removed inclusion of app_state.hh from

I've checked the selectors, if we can remove the app_state there. As well as tried to get rid of it from lua_hooks. Both attempts failed, comments added to README.encapsulation.

Then, I've also measured the resulting lines of code for intermediate files. For some reason, I only got .s files with --save-temps. No .ii files. Anyway, those already show enough gains in various files, IMO. While only few files have more lines, most have less, which stands for better encapsulation, I think. That was the point of it.

Compile time didn't really reduce. On my box, nvm compiles with 'make -j3' in 613.8 seconds, where as compiles in 601.5 seconds. That's not quite 2% less, which is probably just noise. (Dropped system caches before as well as ccache, CXXFLAGS: "-O2 -Wall -g -save-temps").

So far my current review, I'm all for landing that branch very soon.



Here are the savings for the .s files, in lines:

annotate.tmp.argodan.29946.s    -30635
app_state.tmp.argodan.29510.s   -59561
asciik.tmp.argodan.30063.s      -30791
automate.tmp.argodan.29893.s    -32477
cert.tmp.argodan.29685.s        -65022
cmd_automa.tmp.argodan.29613.s  -40630
cmd_db.tmp.argodan.29577.s      -7927
cmd_diff_l.tmp.argodan.29586.s  -23529
cmd_files.tmp.argodan.29622.s   -21410
cmd_key_ce.tmp.argodan.29559.s  -22876
cmd_list.tmp.argodan.29538.s    -19425
cmd_mergin.tmp.argodan.29568.s  -16264
cmd_netsyn.tmp.argodan.29529.s  -20935
cmd_otherv.tmp.argodan.29604.s  -20067
cmd_packet.tmp.argodan.29551.s  -30394
cmd_ws_com.tmp.argodan.29595.s  -23597
commands.tmp.argodan.29518.s    -43653
database_c.tmp.argodan.29901.s  -46920
database.tmp.argodan.29712.s    70037
diff_patch.tmp.argodan.29631.s  -33681
enumerator.tmp.argodan.29793.s  -36152
file_io.tmp.argodan.29464.s     -7
fs.tmp.argodan.30233.s          -15
inodeprint.tmp.argodan.29928.s  -3282
inodeprint.tmp.argodan.30222.s  -430
keys.tmp.argodan.29739.s        -179724
key_store.tmp.argodan.29723.s   85846
legacy.tmp.argodan.30000.s      -61525
luaext_gue.tmp.argodan.29421.s  -7
luaext_pla.tmp.argodan.29431.s  -49
lua_hooks.tmp.argodan.29640.s   -33417
lua.tmp.argodan.29450.s         -15
merge.tmp.argodan.29991.s       -49766
monotone.tmp.argodan.30136.s    -31950
mt_version.tmp.argodan.29881.s  -33197
netsync.tmp.argodan.29802.s     -16149
netxx_pipe.tmp.argodan.29812.s  -8
options.tmp.argodan.30118.s     3116
option.tmp.argodan.30109.s      -7
os_strerro.tmp.argodan.26857.s  -15
packet.tmp.argodan.29748.s      -102050
paths.tmp.argodan.29394.s       -7
process.tmp.argodan.30201.s     -15
project.tmp.argodan.29694.s     -29140
rcs_import.tmp.argodan.29847.s  -32552
read_passw.tmp.argodan.30178.s  2
restrictio.tmp.argodan.29955.s  -45600
revision.tmp.argodan.29856.s    -65832
roster.tmp.argodan.29875.s      -48401
sanity.tmp.argodan.29347.s      -7
schema_mig.tmp.argodan.29775.s  -98429
selectors.tmp.argodan.29935.s   15368
sha1.tmp.argodan.30036.s        -17
ssh_agent_.tmp.argodan.26879.s  -3057
ssh_agent.tmp.argodan.29728.s   -3171
terminal.tmp.argodan.30211.s    -428
ui.tmp.argodan.29502.s          -517
update.tmp.argodan.29658.s      -32962
vocab.tmp.argodan.29374.s       -1046
work_migra.tmp.argodan.29676.s  -12981
work.tmp.argodan.29667.s        -1914
total                           -1339266

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