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[Monotone-devel] botan 1.7.3

From: Markus Schiltknecht
Subject: [Monotone-devel] botan 1.7.3
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 15:26:59 +0100
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I've just upgraded monotone's internal botan to version 1.7.3. Some entropy source files have changed since 1.7.2, thus after minor adjustments, my debian working box compiles and runs check just fine. However, I'm not quite sure if Windows boxen still have a botan good entropy source. Please somebody with access to a windows machine check, preferably with cygwin as well as native (we support both, don't we?).

I've committed to net.venge.monotone.botan:
7953b7f70906bcf85174245d580df6692aa02d8e address@hidden 2008-02-17T14:10:55 net.venge.monotone.botan

As soon as is back up online, I'll push my changes there. Until then, you are free to pull them from my own server: (note that only reading is permitted to anonymous users).

You can also find the botan staging branch there (au.asn.ucc.matt.botan.monotone-2, it allows direct propagation from botan, thus carries all of botans history with it). As already mentioned last time I've updated botan, I'm unable to push those revisions anywhere usable. IMO it would make most sense, to keep those around on as well.

Doing that upgrade, I'm thinking again about the effort and benefits of the integrated botan. How expensive would dynamic linking to the botan library be? The trade off here is: maintaining our own set of changes and configuration scripts vs maintaining compatibility to multiple botan versions.

To make use of assembly optimized SHA1, we'd either have to add a --with-system-botan, and rely on a hopefully optimized system library. Or add our own architecture detection and conditionally add the most fitting SHA1 assembler routines. I'm not sure what's easier to do. Any strong opinions for either variant?



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