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[Monotone-devel] Re: bundled libs

From: Lapo Luchini
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Re: bundled libs
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 15:05:14 +0100
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Markus Schiltknecht wrote:
On the other hand, Windows Cygwin is easy to use. On the gripping
hand, some people just hate Windows Cygwin.

Yes, from what I know, it's said to be slow.

And some others just love it ;)

It certainly adds syscall-overhead (main reason being that "copy-on-write fork()" on Windows is kinda impossible, it's emulated using a "new process + real-copy" AFAIK), but the UNIX-likeness of the end product more than covers for that IMHO.

I'm not sure if these are compatible or could be used.

I won't put my hand on fire over that, but most probably they just are.

MingW adds nothing to Windows (contrary to CygWin, that needs cygwin1.dll uniquely available), it compiles "really normal win32 code" and can link any win32 DLL of course.

Hoping no other program changes those DLLs? How does Windows do package management? How can such a thing even work?

Many many Windows software use the approach ".DLLs in the same directory of the main .EXE" already, and it's certainly doable.
(being local copy of the DLLs, no one will overwrite them)


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