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Re: [Monotone-devel] --ticker count vs dot and smart terminals

From: Derek Scherger
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] --ticker count vs dot and smart terminals
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 21:27:01 -0700
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Stephen Leake wrote:
Derek Scherger <address@hidden> writes:

I've recently noticed that emacs shell-mode (in emacs 22.1.1 at least)
seems to handle --ticker=count style tickers properly and I'm thinking
that we could/should remove "emacs" from the following in
unix/ (have_smart_terminal):

   if (term == "" || term == "emacs" || term == "dumb"
       || !isatty(2))
     return false;

This little snippet is responsible for choosing dot style tickers in
the case where your terminal is not likely to support the nicer count
style tickers.

Maybe it should be a lua hook?

Yeah, I wondered that too... setting TERM=dumb should do the trick though.

However, I almost always use a shell script when syncing, to specify
the remote database. So it's easy to add --ticker=count (or some other
style) to it.

I don't know how many people use emacs shell mode to run mtn
push/pull/sync commands but for anyone who does, could you try with
--ticker=count and see what it looks like.

Works for me with Emacs 22 and 21 on Win32, and Emacs 22 on Cygwin; +1
for your change.

I've gone ahead and made this change so it should be present in 0.39 unless Richard has been doing a release while on a plane. ;)


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