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[Monotone-devel] Bug? Installing from git

From: Sebastian
Subject: [Monotone-devel] Bug? Installing from git
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 21:29:57 +0100
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Hallo list,

just pulled the current GIT repo and installed org-mode doing

sh# make
sh# make install

Now, when I try to

M-x org-publish-current-project

I get the message

Cannot open load file: org-irc

I can see that org-irc.el is in my repo but does not get installed (and
not compiled), while org-publish.el, obviously depending on org-irc does.

sh# ls -1 /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/org*

Is this the intended behaviour?

BTW: an INSTALL file would be nice, describing the interesting make
targets with just a few words (or place a small section in the README).

** Another little bug:

sh# make doc
makeinfo --html --number-sections --no-split -o org.html org.texi
/home/sebastian/emacs/lisp/ext/org-mode//org.texi:5111: Next field of
node `Keyword search' not pointed to (perhaps incorrect sectioning?).
/home/sebastian/emacs/lisp/ext/org-mode//org.texi:5140: This node (Stuck
projects) has the bad Prev.
/home/sebastian/emacs/lisp/ext/org-mode//org.texi:5111: Prev field of
node `Keyword search' not pointed to.
/home/sebastian/emacs/lisp/ext/org-mode//org.texi:5090: This node
(Timeline) has the bad Next.
makeinfo: Removing output file `org.html' due to errors; use --force to
make: *** [org.html] Error 1

No docs created.

** General question:

What goes into the master branch? What grade of stability can I expect
when using it? And what kinds of failures are you intersted in? Is there
some kind of file anywhere describing a timline for the development I
should read (in place of asking questions)?

I ask, because I am not shure, if you are interested in posts like this
one. I'm new to this list and every project has it's way of developing.
Some add code for some weeks and then from time to time do a freeze or
have special flag days for bug hunting and do a release then. Other
projects try to keep the master branch in a stable state and try to fix
issues in there as soon as possible.



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