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Re: [Monotone-devel] Feature request: mtn rebase

From: Tero Koskinen
Subject: Re: [Monotone-devel] Feature request: mtn rebase
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2008 21:58:23 +0300

On Sat, 11 Oct 2008 21:16:30 +0300 Tero Koskinen wrote:
> Here is one quick&dirty implementation
> > > NB that you probably can't implement this in a fully correct way in
> > > Lua, because you need to move any pending adds/drops/renames so that
> > > they apply to the new base revision
> My version doesn't care about adds/drops/renames, so you can easily
> see how the workspace becomes inconsistent:
> # add_file "janusada/creatall.bat"
> #  content [c72a42424ce71cc3ca5e92576ac0079633f429c6]

Oops, wrong example case. I misread how rebase should care about
adds/drops/renames. Anyway, my version doesn't care about them at all.

Tero Koskinen <address@hidden>

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