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Re: no monotone in Debian testing?

From: grarpamp
Subject: Re: no monotone in Debian testing?
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2020 21:44:57 -0500

On 2/9/20, Stephen Leake <address@hidden> wrote:
> I've just installed a new Debian 10 VM, and upgraded to testing.
> 'aptitude search monotone' returns nothing!

> Is it finally time to stop using monotone?

Opensource software projects first responsibility re OS's generally ends
at making sure the project compiles and runs on the commonly targeted
OS's, such as a generic Linux (say Debian) and BSD (say FreeBSD),
as installed from their latest OS general release. That generally
does also include integrating patches sent upstream from OS's
to meet that purpose.
It does not generally extend to supporting old OS releases,
or expending time directly creating and maintaining ports and
packages for whatever OS's,
or posting downloadable binaries that users can just compile
themselves given the first above.

Perhaps it is time if users want ports or packages,
to happily go help those OS create and maintain some.
And advertising users own monotone use cases, capabilities
strengths, of the software project among RCS communities,
creating communities of supporting users, etc.
Maybe find some cool fellow Debian'ers on monotone-users list :)

Or at least file reports of any failure of monotone to directly compile
and run on the latest OS general release after prereqs and instructions.

Therein, try compiling monotone on the latest OS general release called...

debian 10.3 "stable / buster"
freebsd 12.1

Not on an "upgraded" to some bleeding edge dev branch that even
the OS's themselves caution about potential problems, such as...

debian "testing" etc
freebsd CURRENT

And go from there :)

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