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Re: [Nano-devel] more bugs in pre1?

From: David Benbennick
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] more bugs in pre1?
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 20:45:21 -0500
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On Wed, Jan 29, 2003 at 04:59:47PM -0800, Chris Allegretta wrote:
> I'm curious, are you finding out these bugs through stress testing or
> are you ripping them out of a larger patch?

I'm taking them from my big patch.  It's a lot faster cutting out bits and
making sure they work right than writing the code was originally.

> I was going to release pre2 tonight but will wait if you have more
> bugfixes you'd like to be put in this release.

Well, here are the bugs I know how to fix that are still in Nano.  Let's
see if I can send out a few more patches tonight.

1) Modify a buffer, then send SIGTERM to Nano.  The buffer is saved, but
the terminal gets really mucked up.

2) With operating directory set, ^Read file, type something outside the
directory (like /tmp/), do a toggle like M-F.

3) Nano doesn't compile with DEBUG set.

4) The file browser can still crash.  Make a directory foo/ with a
subdirectory foo/bar/.  Also make a directory alice/, that contains a
symlink bob to /tmp/.  Make alice/ non-readable.  Open the file browser in
alice/bob/, then select "..".  Nano is careful to check that alice/bob/..
(the root directory) is readable, but then opens the browser at alice/,
which is not readable.

This example seems contrived, but it actually occurs at my computer lab

5) Binary characters.  They can appear in the
        a) titlebar, as the file name.
        b) file browser.
        c) tab completion list.
        d) highlighted text during search/replace.
        e) colored text (try the regex "[[:cntrl:]]" in .nanorc)

6) Nano doesn't check the operating directory when opening a file from the
command line.

7) nano /tmp/ a_file    will open two buffers.

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