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[Nano-devel] RFC: replace history, and file-search history

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Nano-devel] RFC: replace history, and file-search history
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 21:35:00 +0100


In nano's internals for searching stuff there are two variables:
last_search and last_replace.  The first is used when the user hits
Enter at the Search: prompt, and contains the string the user last
searched for during this session.  The last_replace variable contains
the string that was last given at the Replace with: prompt, but is
never used, because hitting Enter at that prompt is taken to mean
that the user wants to replace the searched-for string with nothing.

I was about to delete the whole variable, but then thought: maybe
we can change it?  Should the Replace with: prompt offer, between
brackets, the string that was last used for replacing?  It would make
for symmetry, and would allow the user to quickly restart a Replace
if it was abandonned for some reason.  To allow the user to enter
an empty string: as soon as Backspace or Delete or ^K is hit, or
any other character typed, the last_replace string is set to blank
and disappears.  How would that be?

Second thing.  When the user searches for a file in the built-in
file browser (^R ^T ^W), whatever is searched for gets added to
the Search history.  When then searching again for something in
a file, and using ^P to retrieve earlier strings, the names that
were searched for in the browser turn up first.  I find this odd.
I would prefer that searches in the file browser would not be
added to the Search history.



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