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[Nano-devel] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.6.3 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Nano-devel] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.6.3 is released
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 12:29:04 +0200

2016.08.10 - nano 2.6.3 "Marika" makes the Ctrl+Arrow keys work also on
                a Linux virtual console, takes as verbatim only the very
                first keystroke after M-V, removes any lock files that it
                holds when dying, doesn't abort when a word contains digits
                (when using the default speller), fixes a small sorting bug
                in the file browser, makes searching case-insensitively in
                a UTF-8 locale a little faster, and doesn't enter invalid
                bytes when holding down both Alt keys.  Santé!

Changes between v2.6.2 and v2.6.3:

Benno Schulenberg (53):
      bump version numbers and add a news item for 2.6.3
      chars: don't persist when only one of the compared sequences is invalid
      chars: make searching case-insensitively some ten percent faster
      chars: properly compare strings of different lengths
      chars: remove a special case that never occurs
      chars: remove superfluous afterchecks
      chars: straighten out the flow of a loop, so it is easier to follow
      debug: add a timing instrument to the main search routine
      docs: tweak some spacing and spelling
      files: avoid a warning about not being able to write a lockfile
      files: make allowances for 32-bit PIDs
      input: after an Esc, don't discard starter byte of a multibyte sequence
      input: be more strict in recognizing certain escape sequences
      input: don't bother putting a keycode into byte range
      input: don't use a function call when a literal value will do
      input: fix a pasto from eight years ago, from commit e347efb
      input: ingest as verbatim just one control code or one or two escapes
      input: make the Ctrl+Arrow keys work on a Linux console
      locking: remove any lock files when dying
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      screen: don't look at placewewant but at where we actually were and are
      screen: remove redundant redrawings of the entire edit window
      shortcuts: group the setting of key string and keycode into one function
      shortcuts: remove any unnecessary classifying of keys
      spelling: don't abort when a misspelled word isn't found, just note it
      spelling: don't consider digits as word parts, because GNU spell doesn't
      tweaks: add a variable, in preparation for making returning easier
      tweaks: adjust indentation after previous changes
      tweaks: adjust indentation after the previous changes
      tweaks: check earlier on for sufficient length of the sequence
      tweaks: compile a parameter unconditionally
      tweaks: condense three asserts into a single one
      tweaks: consistently use a parameter instead of a struct element
      tweaks: correct one comment, and adjust another
      tweaks: don't bother setting meta_key to false when a key is invalid
      tweaks: don't optimize for a special case -- it is far too seldom
      tweaks: don't use a function call when reference to the variable will do
      tweaks: elide the global variable 'func_key'
      tweaks: move some debugging stuff, and move modified editing keys too
      tweaks: move the modified editing keys again
      tweaks: normalize some indentation
      tweaks: normalize some whitespace and adjust several comments
      tweaks: reduce two comparisons to a single one
      tweaks: remove some unnecessary keycodes from a switch statement
      tweaks: rename a function, and adjust some comments
      tweaks: rename a struct element, to be more fitting
      tweaks: rename three constants, for clarity, and hardcode two others
      tweaks: replace a three-case switch with an if and an else
      tweaks: reshuffle two ifs for a little more speed
      tweaks: restore earlier conditions to prevent superfluous redrawings
      tweaks: return quicker from the key parsing routine
      tweaks: unconditionally compile a couple of parameters
      usage: show that the option --wordchars needs an argument

Rishabh Dave (1):
      shortcuts: zero the value of 'toggle' for keys that are not toggles



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