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[Nano-devel] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.7.0 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Nano-devel] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.7.0 is released
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2016 13:56:06 +0200

2016.09.01 - GNU nano 2.7.0 "Suni" adds a new feature: allowing text to be
                selected by holding Shift together with the cursor keys.
                Besides that, nano now works also when run in very tiny
                terminals (down to one line, one column), and improves
                the handling of the prompt in cramped spaces.  Not much,
                but it's time to get it out there.

                With this release we return to GNU.  For just a little while
                we dreamt we were tigers.  But we are back in the herd,
                back to a healthy diet of fresh green free grass.

Changes between v2.6.3 and v2.7.0:

Benno Schulenberg (47):
      AUTHORS: add Mahyar Abbaspour and Mike Scalora for their contributions
      bottombar: only count help items that have a shortcut bound to them
      bump version numbers and add a news item for 2.7.0
      docs: explain how to contribute code
      files: close a lockfile after reading it
      input: ignore the resize "key", to prevent reporting an unbound key
      input: look at the modifier keys only when compiled on Linux
      input: unset a softmark whenever a character is typed
      moving: make PgUp and PgDown functional also in very flat terminals
      new feature: allow text selection by holding Shift with the cursor keys
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      prompt: don't crash when the terminal is less than four columns wide
      prompt: leave always at least the last character of the answer visible
      prompt: mouse clicks that moved the cursor need no further processing
      prompt: recompose the statusbar text whenever the window size changes
      prompt: set up the prepared answer before allowing to change it
      prompt: show a trailing $ when the tail of the answer is offscreen
      prompt: use angular brackets as continuation mark, as Pico does
      prompt: work around a VTE bug by outdancing an ncurses optimization
      restore the GNU marker in nano's name
      screen: continue to function also in a terminal with very few lines
      screen: don't die when the window is narrower than four columns
      screen: retain the placewewant also when using an alternate speller
      startup: don't crash when dying early
      statusbar: leave out the brackets when the message is very long
      tweaks: adjust indentation after previous change
      tweaks: adjust indentation after previous change
      tweaks: adjust some braces and indentations
      tweaks: adjust some comments and remove needless asserts
      tweaks: don't bother avoiding unneeded rewrites of the promptbar
      tweaks: don't bother trimming the prompt again
      tweaks: elide a variable and rename some others
      tweaks: fix compilation when configured with --with-slang
      tweaks: fix compilation with --disable-histories
      tweaks: fix compilation with --enable-tiny again
      tweaks: improve some indentation and reshuffle a few lines
      tweaks: make a call in one place instead of in four different ones
      tweaks: remove an unneeded check, reshuffle some things, add a comment
      tweaks: rename a function and adjust indentation
      tweaks: rename three variables
      tweaks: rename two variables, to make some sense
      tweaks: reshuffle some stuff in a more logical order
      tweaks: reshuffle some things, and remove a misplaced comment
      tweaks: simplify the determination of the number of shown help items
      tweaks: use a separate function to ask ncurses for keycodes
      update the copyright notices
      update the license text to the preferred version



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