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Re: [Nano-devel] Proposal: Change how nano navigates softwrapped lines

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] Proposal: Change how nano navigates softwrapped lines
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2016 18:06:50 +0100

On Tue, Dec 13, 2016, at 23:03, David Ramsey wrote:
> I was thinking of xfce's mousepad when it was around, Juffed, and KWrite
> when its softwrap mode is on.

Mousepad appears to work like Gedit: softwrapping lines at
whitespace and hyphens, and <Home> and <End> work on visual
lines.  Juffed I had never heard of, and KWrite I can't test
(no KDE system around).

> I'm not sure about adding special key sequences for screen line versus
> logical line movement.

No!  I did not mean to suggest in any way that nano should
have different keystroke for moving in visual and in logical
lines, not at all.  It was meant as a horror example.  :)

I was just looking at other editors and how they behave, and
documenting their weird keystrokes so others don't have to
google for them.

> Whitespace would be a good visual breaking point in the
> long term, but let's fix the navigational problems before we start
> tackling the visual ones.

Of course.  But for reference: two years ago Mark Majeres already
posted a patch that makes nano's softwrap break lines at whitespace:

> (KWrite has <End> move to the end of the screen line, and
> if you press it again while there, the end of the logical line; ditto
> for <Home>), but the interaction with smart home mode might be too weird
> in the case of screen lines if, say, the wrapping coincidentally happens
> to put spacing at the beginning of a given screen line.

Whitespace at the beginning of a softwrapped part of a line would
not trigger smarthome -- smarthome would skip whitespace only when
at the beginning of a real, logical line.  On a softwrapped part,
<Home> simply goes to the left margin.

But those are details.  I am fine with <Up> and <Down> moving
through visual lines in softwrap mode.  Or even: in favor of.


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