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[Nano-devel] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.8.0 is released

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: [Nano-devel] [ANNOUNCE] nano-2.8.0 is released
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2017 11:32:31 +0200

2017.03.31 - GNU nano 2.8.0 "Axat" makes it easier to move around in
                softwrapped lines: the Up and Down keys now step from
                visual row to visual row instead of jumping between
                logical lines, and the Home and End keys now move to
                the start and end of a row, and only when already
                there, then to the start and end of the logical line.
                Furthermore, the screen can now scroll per row instead
                of always per logical line.  On an entirely different
                front: nano now makes use of gnulib, to make it build
                on more platforms.  In short: there were many internal
                changes, not many user-visible ones (apart form the
                new softwrap navigation).  The conversion to gnulib
                was done by Mike Frysinger, the softwrap overhaul by
                David Ramsey.

GNU nano is a simple and easy-to-use editor for the terminal.

The tarball and its signature are here:

Specific bugs that were fixed mostly concern softwrap:  (making PageUp+PageDown immobile)  (scrolling on extremely long lines)  (moving right on very long lines)  (cursor placement after spell check)  (character counts with Unicode Input)  (spotlighting across row boundaries)

Changes between v2.7.5 and v2.8.0:

Benno Schulenberg (57):
      bindings: accept "q" and "x" to exit from help viewer and file browser
      bindings: group the three search-again shortcuts together
      bump version numbers and add a news item for the 2.8.0 release
      docs: mention some more differences with Pico in the Info document
      files: drop the pointless "[from ./]" from the insert-file prompt
      files: on second thought... keep the "[from ./]"
      input: count a manually entered unicode as one character
      moving: don't try to redraw lines that have gone outside the viewport
      moving: /do/ redraw the prior line when the viewport hasn't changed
      moving: the current chunk cannot be beyond the last chunk of a line
      oops -- that's what you get when you don't test things before pushing
      painting: don't try to start highlighting before column zero
      po: update translations and regenerate POT file and PO files
      screen: don't push the longer-line indicator ($) to the next row
      spelling: keep the cursor at end-of-line if it was there
      startup: add option 'nopauses' to disable pausing after a warning
      tweaks: add a warning for a condition that should never occur
      tweaks: avoid a few needless reallocations
      tweaks: chuck some debugging stuff and some useless asserts
      tweaks: condense some declarations by reshuffling
      tweaks: correct some formatting irregularities in the FAQ
      tweaks: don't loop over an initializer
      tweaks: don't optimize for the wrong case
      tweaks: don't turn the mark off before it's needed
      tweaks: ehm... the warning is more important for the softwrap case
      tweaks: elide an intermediate variable
      tweaks: elide a small intermediate buffer
      tweaks: elide a variable
      tweaks: elide two variables, and condense some statements
      tweaks: factor out a bit of common code
      tweaks: fix compilation with --enable-tiny --enable-help
      tweaks: frob a couple of comments
      tweaks: frob some parentheses and other things, to be more consistent
      tweaks: gettextize a forgotten error message
      tweaks: make WhereIsNext available in browser in tiny version
      tweaks: mark a message for translation
      tweaks: optimize determining the number of columns that a text spans
      tweaks: reduce the scope of five variables, and frob some comments
      tweaks: remove a disabled warning, and adjust a translator hint
      tweaks: rename and shorten a small helper function
      tweaks: rename a variable and invert its logic
      tweaks: rename a variable, drop a false assert, and reshuffle a bit
      tweaks: rename three variables, to better distinguish bytes from columns
      tweaks: rename two variables, to be more distinctive
      tweaks: reshuffle some lines and adjust some comments
      tweaks: reshuffle some more lines and improve four comments
      tweaks: reshuffle some statements, to avoid double assignments
      tweaks: reshuffle the bindings to group things more logically
      tweaks: reshuffle three statements, and shorten a comment
      tweaks: reshuffle two declarations for a more consistent order
      tweaks: shorten a bit of logic
      tweaks: simplify and correct a computation
      tweaks: suggest a separate color scheme for root
      tweaks: trim a displayable string in a more efficient manner
      tweaks: use two extra variables to make it clearer what is being done
      usage: don't mention +LINE,COLUMN as an option, because it isn't
      wrapping: add the correct char length when skipping consecutive blanks

David Lawrence Ramsey (52):
      configure: don't check for the existence of iswspace() anymore
      display: don't compensate for chunks before firstcolumn
      display: don't draw more chunks than the screen can hold
      display: limit an optimization to non-softwrap mode
      display: make PageUp/PageDown use the correct beginning of the viewport
      docs: update README.GIT for gnulib-related changes
      files: revamp the insertion of a file, to be more like pasting text
      moving: determine the correct leftedge when paging up/down too
      replacing: fix spotlight() to highlight words properly in softwrap mode
      softwrap: account for firstcolumn in reset_cursor()
      softwrap: account for firstcolumn when checking for offscreen current
      softwrap: account for firstcolumn when scrolling up a line
      softwrap: account for softwrap in get_page_start()
      softwrap: account for softwrapped chunks when adding text
      softwrap: account for softwrap when checking whether current is offscreen
      softwrap: add two chunk-iterator functions
      softwrap: adjust firstcolumn when the window width changes
      softwrap: count softwrapped chunks properly in do_gotolinecolumn()
      softwrap: count softwrapped chunks properly in do_uncut_text()
      softwrap: count softwrapped chunks properly in read_file()
      softwrap: improve End's behavior with softwrapped chunks
      softwrap: improve Home's behavior with softwrapped lines
      softwrap: improve Left and Right's behavior with softwrapped chunks
      softwrap: improve PageUp and PageDown's behavior with softwrapped chunks
      softwrap: improve Up and Down's behavior with softwrapped chunks
      softwrap: iterate through softwrapped chunks better in do_mouse()
      softwrap: iterate through softwrapped chunks in adjust_viewport()
      softwrap: iterate through softwrapped chunks in edit_scroll()
      softwrap: move the updating of a softwrapped line to a new function
      softwrap: prepare for a more flexible viewport
      softwrap: remove and replace workarounds for firstcolumn
      softwrap: save and restore firstcolumn when copying text
      softwrap: save and restore firstcolumn when internally spell-fixing text
      softwrap: save and restore firstcolumn when replacing text
      softwrap: save firstcolumn when justifying, restore it when unjustifying
      speller: fix replacing marked text in the alternate spell checker
      syntax: nanorc: color also the option "linenumbers" as being valid
      tweaks: add a parameter to do_home() and do_end()
      tweaks: fix a comment typo
      tweaks: mention nano's ability to read from standard input in usage()
      tweaks: move comments outside of if blocks in break_line()
      tweaks: prepare for improvements to do_home() and do_end()
      tweaks: remove cluttering #ifdefs from break_line()
      tweaks: rename need_horizontal_scroll() to line_needs_update()
      tweaks: slightly optimize an allocation in display_string()
      tweaks: stop converting text once we overshoot span columns
      undo: fix undoing/redoing insertions, since they no longer do partitioning
      usage: mention the -g/--showcursor option
      weeding: remove ensure_line_is_visible()
      weeding: remove maxlines and related code
      weeding: remove partitioning and related stuff from do_insertfile()
      weeding: remove partitioning and related stuff from do_justify()

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (1):
      tweaks: make sure calls to <ctype.h> functions/macros use "unsigned char"

Mike Frysinger (19):
      add an explicit test for set_escdelay()
      add support for gnulib
      assume getopt_long support is always available
      assume regex.h support is always available
      configure: require autoconf-2.69/automake-1.14
      configure: require gettext-0.18.3, and drop our bundled m4 files
      drop the getdelim/getline fallback functions
      drop the glib fallback for snprintf/vsnprintf
      drop the isblank/iswblank fallback functions
      drop the wchar.h/wctype.h/stdarg.h checks
      drop various str fallback functions
      fix build on systems without pwd.h
      handle builds on systems without termios.h
      handle deficient signal systems
      pull in the glob module from gnulib
      pull in the lstat module from gnulib
      pull in the nl_langinfo & wcwidth modules from gnulib
      pull in the sys_wait module from gnulib
      tweaks: disable gnulib's workaround for the globbing of broken symlinks



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