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Re: [Nano-devel] RFC: changing the bindings of <Alt+Up> and <Alt+Down> t

From: David Ramsey
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] RFC: changing the bindings of <Alt+Up> and <Alt+Down> to scrolling per line
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2019 14:25:26 -0600

Brand Huntsman:
> Those who have learned to use them for finding might think otherwise.
> You might want to consider making them bindable by users before
> changing their meaning.

Agreed.  Although there's another issue: commit 382c9d7, which added
softmark, binds Shift+Alt+[arrow key] as follows:

Shift+Alt+Left: Shift+Home
Shift+Alt+Right: Shift+End
Shift+Alt+Up: Shift+PageUp
Shift+Alt+Down: Shift+PageDown

because "some combinations with Shift are swallowed by some terminal
emulators."  Is this still a problem (and are the problems with rxvt
derivatives, which seem to handle key modifiers brokenly due to
generating Esc followed by keypad values)?  And, if not, couldn't they
be bound to their proper Shift+Alt values now, since nano can read
Alt+[arrow key] now?

(If used for searching, the Shift+Alt+[vertical arrow keys] would then
work under softmark just as they do under hardmark: turn the mark on via
either pressing Ctrl+^ or holding Shift, then search via Alt+[vertical
arrow key], and the mark would cover all the text you moved over, which
I use fairly often with hardmark.  If used for scrolling, the
Alt+[vertical arrow keys] would also preserve the softmark, just as they
do under hardmark.  The Shift+Alt+[horizontal arrow keys] would turn the
softmark off when switching between buffers, just as Shift+Alt+< and >
do now.)

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