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[PATCH] tweaks: allow alternate line endings in rc files

From: Matthias A .
Subject: [PATCH] tweaks: allow alternate line endings in rc files
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2020 15:27:56 +0000

This patch is based on a Git for Windows issue[1], that has been fixed back up 
already, but I think this patch might be a small convenience to others in the 
Many people nowadays synchronize, share and transport various config files 
between various devices by various transport methods. Occasionally these files 
a little mangled, especially line endings and whitespace characters. Nano 
currently expects the lines in it's config files to end on a single LF and 
nothing but a LF.
Making it a little less strict about that could help users with slightly 
mangled files.

I don't quite like the long convoluted name I gave the configure flag, so I'm 
open to sending an improved iteration.


Kind regards


Attachment: 0001-tweaks-allow-alternate-line-endings-in-rc-files.patch
Description: 0001-tweaks-allow-alternate-line-endings-in-rc-files.patch

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