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Re: RFC: enable ^Z by default?

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: RFC: enable ^Z by default?
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2021 16:28:08 +0100
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Hello S├ębastien,

Op 02-11-2021 om 09:43 schreef Seb:
> I suggest not underestimating the powerlessness and cluelessness of newbies. 
> Most
> are afraid of the command line; few have heard of ^Z; even fewer would know 
> 'fg'.
> It's not funny when you spend a lot of time typing a file and you find 
> yourself
> locked out of it because you mistyped something and don't even know quite what
> you did.

Actually, I agree with you.  I've been running with the patch for just a few
days, and I've already typed ^Z by accident twice.  This /might/ be caused by
having typed ^Z multiple times while testing the patch and while trying ^Z in
other editors, but still...  It is annoying to mistype something that cannot
be solved with a simple ^C or M-U or Backspace.

> I suggest keeping Nano easy to use and discover for new users, with more 
> features
> for interested users, and unsetting ^Z seems to be along these lines.

What should the default setup be then?  I didn't want to simply unbind ^Z and
leave it up to the user to put 'bind ^Z suspend main' in their .nanorc, because
a keybinding cannot be made on the command line.  And I didn't want to make the
-z option bind the ^Z keystroke, because then things would be asymmetrical: on
the command line you could pass -z or --ctrlz, but in a .nanorc you would still
have to put 'bind ^Z suspend main', because a 'set ctrlz' command would be an
anomaly (it would be unclear that it translates to a bind).

I want ^T^Z to work by default; no option or enabling or toggling should be
required.  And I agree that ^Z should do nothing by default.  So... simply
unbind it and leave it up to the user to put a 'bind ^Z' in their .nanorc?
With suggestions to make this binding in the manual pages and sample rc?

Thanks for commenting.  This was helpful.


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