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[nmh-workers] A discovered Resource

From: Martin McCormick
Subject: [nmh-workers] A discovered Resource
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2018 14:55:33 -0500

After using nmh for over 20 years, I stumbled across the
following web site:


        I wouldn't have continued to use nmh all these years if I
was constantly skinning my knees on it but sometimes, all you
need to do is get out of one's comfort zone to discover how
little one really knows and this document should explain enough
for me to better figure out how to get best use out of the good
tools at hand.

        Before I retired, our organization went through half a
dozen mail systems such as Lotus Notes and Profs with Outlook
Exchange being our most recent environment and I always insisted
on using nmh.  Part of my job dealt with unix automation so I
kept nmh along with sendmail on BSD systems or exim4 on Linux
boxes as it made automating notifications dirt simple.

        This also has made it possible to keep archives of
messages through all those transitions and the basic ASCII text
of nmh messages, even those that are base64 encoded is likely to
survive for a long time.

        I am still working on trying to convince nmh to do what
no sane person would be interested in making it do, but I think
it is possible.  The goal is to have a consistent output that
doesn't confuse the program that will grab the nuisance headers
and turn them in to more rules for ignores.  Thanks for all the
help so far and, if there are any more documents like this book,
I am all ears.  This may take a wile so thanks to all of you who
have helped.

Martin McCormick

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