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Re: nmh 1.8?

From: Andy Bradford
Subject: Re: nmh 1.8?
Date: 4 Jan 2023 12:23:38 -0700

Thus said Ralph Corderoy on Mon, 02 Jan 2023 13:21:16 +0000:

> > > Has anyone had a chance to review my proposed changes to inc to be
> > > able to handle long lines from POP sources?
> Is the latest in Git?

I doubt it. I sent an updated patch but never heard about it making into
Git. It would be  nice if I could find some time to  add some test cases
for it, but I didn't have as  much time during the holidays as I thought
I would:


As I  said in that  posting, I've been  running a similar  patch against
1.7.1 on my system and haven't encountered any problems using it.


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