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[Noalyss-commit] [noalyss] tag r700-currency-005 deleted (was 457290f)

From: Dany De Bontridder
Subject: [Noalyss-commit] [noalyss] tag r700-currency-005 deleted (was 457290f)
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2018 07:50:24 -0400 (EDT)

sparkyx pushed a change to tag r700-currency-005
in repository noalyss.

*** WARNING: tag r700-currency-005 was deleted! ***

       was  457290f   Merge branch 'master' into r700-currency

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  457290f   Merge branch 'master' into r700-currency
  discards  4ca14cb   Merge master
  discards  9ba82e7   CFGLED : security fix : remove $_REQUEST
  discards  20c369b   translation
  discards  a9d3b1c   Task #1619 : CFGLED change label  for "Donner ici la 
fiche du compte en banque"
  discards  169fb9c   Security fix : f_id is a number
  discards  6482988   Security fix : f_id is a number
  discards  a93a557   Fix : security fixes see rapport exakat (Damien Seguy)
  discards  fd68868   Security : direct injection
  discards  f96180c   Fix todo_list : if list empty , gets an error in php 7.2
  discards  93d39e3   integrate fix for bug in insert_quant_purchase which 
cannot save private fee Conflicts:   include/sql/patch/upgrade128.sql
  discards  f5f5e55   Bug 1600 : alphanumeric accounting must be case 
  discards  75d0eee   Missing class : missing class for acc_ledger
  discards  d4579ac   Create invoice : New version of libreoffice use the 
numeric in another way
  discards  e12848f   New version of libreoffice use the numeric in another way
  discards  2051243   Protect function nb , return the string if the parameter 
is not a float
  discards  024c124   Update documentation
  discards  c2c39f8   Task #448 : add currency to card -> history + export CSV
  discards  1e36bda   typo
  discards  f8db1e5   Task #448 : add info about currency into History of cards 
and accounting
  discards  d8432fe   Missing ob_start
  discards  8fe6ae9   remove debug
  discards  6e8d352   Fix bug quant_purchase , private fee not saved
  discards  512c548   Fix bug quant_purchase , private fee not saved
  discards  fe27cad   integrate fix for bug in insert_quant_purchase which 
cannot save private fee
  discards  e2b25ac   Task #448 : currency improve detail of operation
  discards  de5db19   comment
  discards  794b213   Bug in QUANT_PURCHASE , dp_dep_priv is not saved
  discards  6029d91   Task #448 : correct bug when saving into quant_purchase
  discards  82a1436   Task #448 : Currency : purchase, fix bug for autoreverse 
  discards  9be3de1   Task #448 : correct bug if VAT Rate  = 0 , amount was 
  discards  a9c547c   Task #448 : SQL integrated into upgrade128
  discards  e1076de   task #448 : currency always used and remove parameter 
'use_currency' from parameters, add SQL script
  discards  1c47aa9   remove debug info
  discards  05305df   Task #448 : currency_id = 0 for the default currency + 
display currency rate in confirm operation
  discards  ca620cb   Task #448 : currency , EUR cannot be changed and not 
  discards  694c976   Task #448 : delete unused currency
  discards  1096958   Task #448 : rounded problem add debug info
  discards  dbde8e2   Task #448 : payment method VEN
  discards  e7228b0   Task #448 : rounded value for VEN
  discards  f084692   Display the balance difference
  discards  3ab5f05   Task #448 : identical operation with currency
  discards  57ab271   Task #448 : issue with reconciliation amount
  discards  35e989a   Task #448 : check currency rate > 0 and payment in eur
  discards  73b93b6   Task #448 : currency : cosmetic operation detail
  discards  8909b0c   task #448 : Currency : display currency info into 
operation detail
  discards  bec1996   Currency : fix rounded bugs in detail operation
  discards  d6d0b3f   Currency : insert operation with currency in VEN and ACH
  discards  1683eff   insert_jrnx : add debug
  discards  8d8f521   INum : add function onchange with inplace edit
  discards  776873e   indent
  discards  d3e649d   Action_Code : add validate, cancel and modify icon
  discards  5e88b71   Currency : SQL menu change
  discards  cff9e49   Currency : add SQL constraint + doc
  discards  392b75d   Currency : add security for setting
  discards  1a09c71   Currency = add a mode currency, possible to work without
  discards  27fa5a9   Currency : add menu for currency
  discards  be37f9b   Currency : add ajax call to delete one rate , add 
documentation , remove debug info
  discards  280fe56   html_page_start : protect query, improve code
  discards  943a4a9   Currency : add test file + database file + mtable
  discards  9733fad   Currency : create view + add currency name to table 
  discards  ab2b8ac   Currency : add PHP Class for SQL table
  discards  71962e7   create currency SQL tables

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