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[Numcosmo-help] Python structure

From: Arthur Constantino Scardua
Subject: [Numcosmo-help] Python structure
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2019 13:25:34 -0200

Dear all,

what is the structure of Numcosmo bindings in Python? For instance, how can I access the the method  ncm_c_sqrt_1_4pi() [numcosmo/math/ncm_c.h] that returns a constant using Python?

I've seen there is the NumCosmoMath.C module [from gi.repository import NumCosmoMath.C] that has some methods for constants like blackbody_energy_density() which name in ncm_c.h is ncm_c_blackbody_energy_density(), but I couldn't find any ncm_c_sqrt_1_4pi() or sqrt_1_4pi() method.

Is there any standards that tells how the numcosmo methods are transferred to python?

Arthur Constantino Scardua

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