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[Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #41931] listdlg returns Java object int[] rath

From: Philip Nienhuis
Subject: [Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #41931] listdlg returns Java object int[] rather than an integer
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 15:09:49 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #41931 (project octave):

This goes back to at least OF Java package 1.2.8

With octave-3.4.3 & 3.6.4 (both MinGW):
octave:1> [sel, ok] = listdlg ("Liststring", {"One", "Two", "Three"})
...<selecting "Two", clicking OK>
sel =

<Java object: int[]>

ok =  1
octave:2>  {"One", "Two", "Three"}(sel(1))
ans =
  [1,1] = Two
octave:3> numel (sel)
ans =  1
octave:4> [sel, ok] = listdlg ("ListString", {"One", "Two", "Three"},
"SelectionMode", "Multiple")
...<selecting "One" and "Three", clicking OK>
sel =

<Java object: int[]>

ok =  1
octave:5> numel (sel)
ans =  2
octave:6>  {"One", "Two", "Three"}(sel(1))
ans =
  [1,1] = One
octave:7>  {"One", "Two", "Three"}(sel(2))
ans =
  [1,1] = Three

It isn't straightforward to cast (box) sel into an Octave class:

octave:8> javamethods (sel)

  [1,1] = void wait(long) throws java.lang.InterruptedException
  [1,2] = void wait() throws java.lang.InterruptedException
  [1,3] = void wait(long, int) throws java.lang.InterruptedException
  [1,4] = boolean equals(java.lang.Object)
  [1,5] = java.lang.String toString()
  [1,6] = int hashCode()
  [1,7] = java.lang.Class getClass()
  [1,8] = void notify()
  [1,9] = void notifyAll()

but as sel can be used for indexing, something along the lines of:
tmp = zeros (numel (sel))
for ii=1:numel (sel)
tmp(ii) = sel(ii);

gives the desired pointers into ListString.

BTW, the example in listdlg.m isn't at variance with the the bug report and
the above observations. Nowhere is it literally stated that sel is an Octave
integer. But obviously that is what unwary users would expect.

Another observation:
The actual listing of "One Two Three" doesn't appear on screen unless
ListString is in camelcase; IOW the list of choices is empty. Similar holds
for other key names. 
I'd rather prefer case-insensitive key names. Easily done by morphing the
strcmp calls into strcmpi.

Changeset attached for both "issues" 

(file #31005)

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