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[Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #43159] The Signal package (1.3.0) specgram()

From: anonymous
Subject: [Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #43159] The Signal package (1.3.0) specgram() function is broken in ML when installed from MacPorts or Brew 0.9.5
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2014 05:06:54 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #43159 (project octave):

Josephs-Mac-Pro:~ jburnett$ brew info homebrew/science/octave
octave: stable 3.8.1, HEAD
/usr/local/Cellar/octave/3.8.1 (2109 files, 56M) *
  Built from source
From: https://github.com/homebrew/homebrew-science/blob/master/octave.rb
==> Dependencies
Build: pkg-config ✔, gnu-sed ✔, texinfo ✔
Required: pcre ✔, qscintilla2 ✔, qt ✔
Recommended: gnuplot ✔, suite-sparse ✔, readline ✔, arpack ✔, fftw
✔, glpk ✔, gl2ps ✔, graphicsmagick ✔, ghostscript ✔, hdf5 ✔, qhull
✔, qrupdate ✔, pstoedit ✔, epstool ✔
Optional: openblas ✘
==> Options
        Use native OpenGL/FLTKgraphics (does not work with the GUI)
        Use OpenBLAS instead of native LAPACK/BLAS
        Build without arpack support
        Skip build-time tests (not recommended)
        Do not use cURL (urlread/urlwrite/@ftp)
        Do not build documentation
        Build without epstool support
        Do not use FFTW (fft,ifft,fft2,etc.)
        Do not use Ghostscript (PS/PDF image output)
        Build without gl2ps support
        Do not use GLPK
        Do not use gnuplot graphics
        Do not use GraphicsMagick++ (imread,imwrite)
        Do not build the experimental GUI
        Do not use HDF5 (hdf5 data file support)
        Build without pstoedit support
        Do not use the Qhull library (delaunay,voronoi,etc.)
        Do not use the QRupdate package (qrdelete,qrinsert,qrshift,qrupdate)
        Build without readline support
        Do not use SuiteSparse (sparse matrix operations)
        Do not use zlib (compressed MATLAB file formats)
        install HEAD version
==> Caveats

To use the gnuplot plotting engine, you must set the environment
variable GNUTERM. Valid choices include:
    GNUTERM=x11   # X windows must be installed
    GNUTERM=qt    # gnuplot must have been compiled with Qt support
    GNUTERM=aqua  # if you are using Aquaterm
You may also set this variable from within Octave with the command
    setenv('GNUTERM','qt') % or 'x11', or 'aqua'

The Octave GUI is experimental and not enabled by default. To use it,
use the command-line argument "--force-gui"; e.g.,
    octave --force-gui


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