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[Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #44187] Bugs and modifications in print() with

From: Dan Sebald
Subject: [Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #44187] Bugs and modifications in print() with gnuplot graphics toolkit
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 00:14:09 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #13, bug #44187 (project octave):

Alright, I updated the changeset patch.  It's probably not going to be the
desired result, but I think this change is a good stable point, if something
that is intermediate.

I tried changing as few items as possible to avoid a huge changeset.  But
there are some conceptual changes whereby only as far in the calling tree as
the file __gnuplot_drawnow__.m does the word "mono" mean "-mono" Octave
option.  When going into the __go_draw_figure__.m and __go_draw_axes__.m files
the word "mono" technically means grayscale, or more precisely simulate gray
scale with a color commands (because the gnuplot terminal doesn't have a
"mono" setting).  I removed the old "mono" behavior and now always include the
"rgb 0x123456" specification.  The way gnuplot works is that syntax should
always be valid.  Changing a terminal in gnuplot does not influence the syntax
of commands.  The terminal options are the only thing that change.

Evaluate the patch, evaluate the behavior.  Suggestions are welcome.  The
reason I'm inclined to leave the arguably confusing behavior as is is because
the mono directive is done at the gnuplot level.  We could change things so
that "mono" is not used in gnuplot and rgbc() (i.e., map color to rgb) is used
to simulate grayscale, but by doing that we miss gnuplot's ability to create
minimal features in the generated EPS files.  gnuplot will create postscript
with minimal features and PostScript language.  In other words a
gnuplot-generated postscript file can be more compact with the terminal
directive as opposed to making a color EPS file look as though it is

So, before moving forward, I'd like to discuss with the gnuplot group how to
proceed with the many terminals having the "mono" option.  Main developers
aren't even certain of it's meaning any more with so much evolution having
occurred.  What I think might be a good idea for gnuplot is to introduce
another option "grayscale/greyscale", i.e., {mono|grayscale|color} -- where
mono means one pen color (black), grayscale means grayscale pen and color
means color pens.  If that were the case, then I think the current changset
would only need change

term_str = [term_str " mono"];


term_str = [term_str " grayscale"];

to produce the desired results for Octave "-mono".

(file #33138)

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