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[Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #52193] Font choices are ignored when printing

From: Rik
Subject: [Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #52193] Font choices are ignored when printing to an image file
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2018 19:08:33 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #32, bug #52193 (project octave):

@Pantxo: Certainly this seems like a big improvement and I think it should go
forward.  Regarding the issues you mentioned:

* Polygon reconstruction is now implemented so that distant polygons won't be
accidentally merged (disabling anti-aliasing in Okular should not show
spurious lines anymore)

The is mostly the case.  I always use this test case for 2-D polygon

demo area 1
print tst.pdf
open tst.pdf

The results are excellent.  For a very complex scene, I tried 

demo hold 6
print tst.pdf
open tst.pdf

This also works better than before.

To test text using a strange font I tried

close all
ht = text (0.4, 0.05, "Hello World", "fontname", "comic sans ms", "fontsize",
print tst.pdf
open tst.pdf

The correct font is used and the spacing seems to match what is displayed

* SVG format is now also processed by the converter and one can inspect the
file in Inkscape

This doesn't work for me yet.  I tried

demo area 1
print -dsvg tst.svg
Unhandled output file format svg
        qt-svg-convert infile fmt dpi font reconstruct outfile

Convert svg file to pdf, or raster file formats. All arguments are mandatory:
* infile: input svg file or "-"to indicate that the input svg file should be
read from stdin
* fmt: format of the output file. May be one of pdf, bmp, jpg, png or ppm
* dpi: device dependent resolution in screen pixel per inch
* font: specify a file name for the default FreeSans font
* reconstruct: specify wether to reconstruct polygons (0 or 1)
* outfile: output file name

The remaining issues are:

* The converter has to be cleaned up to remove raster output code (unused in
Octave since we convert PDF to raster for better looking results) and
c++ify/cleanup the coding in general. I'll do that in a further step, if/when
the integration of this patch is accepted.

I think this patch is acceptable and you can start to make the code

* 3D scenes are not much better after conversion. I think there is nothing we
can do about that with this approach.

They may not be much better, but they are improved.  The number of polygons,
even in 3-D scenes, is reduced.  I used this test code

print tst.pdf

* "pdfcrop" option goes through the ghostscript pipeline: I didn't handle this
because it may be useful to have the pdf processed by ghostscipt for
implementing the "tight" option

I think this is okay for now.

* Some misplaced characters in the PDF output: I have never faced this issue
and can't debug. @Dmitri: can you confirm that you still experience this

I think this is working now if I read Dmitri's comments correctly.

* Wrong bounding box: I have never faced this issue either. @Dmitri: can you
confirm that you still experience this issue?

I think this is working now.


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