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[Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #55281] [MXE Octave] Cannot strip script files

From: Markus Mützel
Subject: [Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #55281] [MXE Octave] Cannot strip script files
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2018 09:30:56 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #6, bug #55281 (project octave):

The attached patch should run on any POSIX-compatible system. Thanks for the
hint to head [1] and cut [2].

If I understand correctly, using "head" to read the first line of a binary
file could potentially be quite slow (if the first LF character happens to
occur very late in a very large file). But I don't know of any
POSIX-compatible syntax to read only a certain number of bytes from a file.
FWIW, I didn't notice any slowdown on my system.

[1]: http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/head.html
[2]: https://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/007904875/utilities/cut.html

(file #45789)

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