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[Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #63131] print of a plot is cropped if ResizeFc

From: Nicky McLean
Subject: [Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #63131] print of a plot is cropped if ResizeFcn had been mentioned.
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2022 01:34:30 -0400 (EDT)

Follow-up Comment #4, bug #63131 (project octave):

   Replacing the plot(t,y) with plot(t - t0,y) did indeed crush the
misplotting of the half-hourly time series data (confirmed by the remark in
Precision-issues on a resolution of ~45 mins delivered by single precision for
current years), and this required a replacement of datetick to generate
suitable annotation. Using a shift of subtracting two millennia would work for
datetick, except that I often have data prior to the year 2000, and don't want
confusions over apparently negative years so my trials with datetick were
   I'm using an internet connection at a cost of around NZ$10/GB, which is
cheaper than "broadband" if I refrain from watching movies - I prefer the big
screen at a cinema. A new version of Octave costs some 600MB and takes a while
to download, thus my laggardly approach. But, I'm contemplating Mint 21 (via a
memory stick filled at the local library) and given that this would be a
replacement installation, a new Octave would be an extension. This will take a
few days to organise...

   Can any of you with more recent Octaves confirm that Hic3.m misbehaves or

   I chose "points" in my initial flounderings in the hope of some stability
(screen/paper dot size being variable: my screens offer 108 dots per inch, but
90 is more common and was the case for the initial development's system) and
yes, messing about with this could well cause trouble. I was tired after
reducing GnashPlot.m to Hic3.m and so have not yet essayed variations to chase
still more bunnies over the hill. For example, the sequence of plot statements
can be a factor: before or after the data plotting? Specification of limits
(if done or not), labels/titles/legend after plotting rather than before? And
so forth.
   Likewise, my ResizeFcn can be simplified (now that lines = 1 always) and
the global variable (and its weird existential confusions) could be done away
with. Though in principle, the ResizeFcn could decide on annotation details
given known sizes of the figure, and this would require access to date span
information, probably via global variables. But this is an extension to


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