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From: Chuck Robey
Subject: Question
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 16:24:00 -0400 (EDT)

I just got around to actually running a new octave script on my newly
ported 2.0.12, and I saw it was core-dumping on startup.  The specific
point it core-dumps (with a bus error) on is in the GNU stdc++ header
file bastring.h, line 69: 

  charT* data () { return reinterpret_cast<charT *>(this + 1); }
  charT& operator[] (size_t s) { return data () [s]; }
  charT* grab () { if (selfish) return clone (); ++ref; return data (); }
  void release () { if (--ref == 0) delete this; }  <== HERE

  inline static void * operator new (size_t, size_t);
  inline static Rep* create (size_t);

This seems to me to be kicked off from octave.cc line 414, where:

  initialize_error_handlers ();

  initialize_globals (argv[0]);  <== HERE
  initialize_pathsearch ();

initialize_globals is supposed to be called with a string class
argument, not just any string, isn't it?  You're casting argv[0] as a 
class string, but it's a simple C string, right?  I'm not totally at
home with c++, so I can't be trusted on this, but it seems you want a
constructor here ... I did check, and argv[0] is a pointer to a good
full octave path.

I can and will perform any tests you can imagine, and would in fact be
pleased to work off any guesses you can come up with.  The platform is
FreeBSD-current, using gcc

Chuck Robey                 | Interests include any kind of voice or data 
address@hidden         | communications topic, C programming, and Unix.
213 Lakeside Drive Apt T-1  |
Greenbelt, MD 20770         | I run Journey2 and picnic (FreeBSD-current)
(301) 220-2114              | and jaunt (NetBSD).

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