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octave 2.1.7 can't load example oregonator.oct

From: Gary Holt
Subject: octave 2.1.7 can't load example oregonator.oct
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 13:15:34 -0700

Bug report for Octave 2.1.7 configured for %CANONICAL_HOST_TYPE%


First, there's a simple error in the mkoctfile script; at lines 106 and
109, there is an extra ;; which my bash shell doesn't like.

I've just picked up octave 2.1.7 and I've been completely unable to compile
any dynamically loaded modules.  When I attempt to access any function in
the .oct file, octave says that the symbol

   check_version(const string &, const string &)

is undefined.  (Well, actually, since string is a templatized type, it says
that check_version(const basic_string<....>, etc.) is undefined.)

I'm using the egcs (1.0.3a) compiler with pentium gcc optimizations on a
linux libc5 system.  (I have to use the egcs compiler because the extension
modules I need to compile won't work with the older gcc.  I was unable to
compile octave 2.0.9 with the egcs compiler.  If it's possible to do so,
I would be just as happy to use 2.0.x as 2.1.x.)


  % mkoctfile oregonator.cc     # This is the oregonator.cc in the examples
                                # directory that comes with the octave
                                # distribution.
  % octave
  > oregonator
If I have built only static libraries (the default configuration option),
then this tells me that check_version(const string &, const string &) is
undefined.  If I configure with --enable-shared, it simply dumps core.


  First, remove the extra ;;'s in mkoctfile.in and mkoctfile.

  I wish I knew how to get around the other problem.  Are dynamically
  loaded functions simply not working at all in this development
  release?  Can someone suggest a release that I should be using, which
  I can use the egcs compiler with?

Configuration (please do not edit this section):

uname output:     Linux seal 2.0.30 #7 Tue Mar 17 13:18:51 PST 1998 i686 unknown
configure opts:   --prefix=/usr/local/pkg/octave-2.1.7 --with-g77 
Fortran compiler: g77
FFLAGS:           -funroll-all-loops -O6 -malign-double -mstack-align-double 
-L/usr/local/pkg/egcs-pgcc-1.0.3a/lib -lf2c -lm
INCFLAGS:         -I/usr/local/pkg/octave-2.1.7/include/octave-2.1.7/octave 
C compiler:       gcc, version pgcc-2.90.29 980515 (1.0.3 release)
CFLAGS:           -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -mieee-fp -g -O6 -malign-double 
-mstack-align-double -Wall
CPICFLAG:         -fPIC
C++ compiler:     c++, version pgcc-2.90.29 980515 (1.0.3 release)
CXXFLAGS:         -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -mieee-fp -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions 
-fno-implicit-templates -g -O6 -malign-double -mstack-align-double -Wall
LIBFLAGS:         -L/usr/local/pkg/octave-2.1.7/lib/octave-2.1.7
RLD_FLAG:         -Xlinker -rpath -Xlinker 
TERMLIBS:         -lncurses


User-preferences (please do not edit this section):

  EDITOR = "jed"
  IMAGEPATH = ".:/usr/local/pkg/octave-2.1.7/share/octave/2.1.7/imagelib//"
  INFO_FILE = "/usr/local/pkg/octave-2.1.7/info/octave.info"
  INFO_PROGRAM = "info"
  PAGER = "less"
  PS1 = "\\s:\\#> "
  PS2 = "> "
  PS4 = "+ "
  automatic_replot = 0
  beep_on_error = 0
  completion_append_char = " "
  default_eval_print_flag = 1
# default_global_variable_value = <no value or error in displaying it>
  default_return_value = []
  default_save_format = "ascii"
  define_all_return_values = 0
  do_fortran_indexing = 0
  echo_executing_commands = 0
  empty_list_elements_ok = "warn"
  fixed_point_format = 0
  gnuplot_binary = "gnuplot"
  gnuplot_command_end = "\n"
  gnuplot_command_plot = "pl"
  gnuplot_command_replot = "rep"
  gnuplot_command_splot = "sp"
  gnuplot_command_title = "t"
  gnuplot_command_using = "u"
  gnuplot_command_with = "w"
  gnuplot_has_frames = 1
  gnuplot_has_multiplot = 1
  history_file = "/disks/laguna/holt/.octave_hist"
  history_size = 1024
  ignore_function_time_stamp = "system"
  implicit_num_to_str_ok = 0
  implicit_str_to_num_ok = 0
  initialize_global_variables = 0
  max_recursion_depth = 256
  ok_to_lose_imaginary_part = "warn"
  output_max_field_width = 10
  output_precision = 5
  page_output_immediately = 0
  page_screen_output = 1
  prefer_column_vectors = 1
  print_answer_id_name = 1
  print_empty_dimensions = 1
  print_rhs_assign_val = 0
  propagate_empty_matrices = 1
  resize_on_range_error = 1
  return_last_computed_value = 0
  save_precision = 15
  saving_history = 1
  silent_functions = 0
  split_long_rows = 1
  string_fill_char = " "
  struct_levels_to_print = 2
  suppress_verbose_help_message = 0
  treat_neg_dim_as_zero = 0
  warn_assign_as_truth_value = 1
  warn_divide_by_zero = 1
  warn_function_name_clash = 1
  warn_future_time_stamp = 1
  warn_missing_semicolon = 0
  warn_variable_switch_label = 0
  whitespace_in_literal_matrix = 

Gary Holt                       (213)-740-3397
address@hidden          http://lnc.usc.edu/~holt/

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