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octave 2.1.7 can't load example oregonator.oct

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: octave 2.1.7 can't load example oregonator.oct
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 14:15:18 -0600 (CST)

On 27-Jan-1999, Gary Holt <address@hidden> wrote:

| Bug report for Octave 2.1.7 configured for %CANONICAL_HOST_TYPE%
| Description:
| -----------
| First, there's a simple error in the mkoctfile script; at lines 106 and
| 109, there is an extra ;; which my bash shell doesn't like.
| I've just picked up octave 2.1.7 and I've been completely unable to compile
| any dynamically loaded modules.  When I attempt to access any function in
| the .oct file, octave says that the symbol
|    check_version(const string &, const string &)
| is undefined.  (Well, actually, since string is a templatized type, it says
| that check_version(const basic_string<....>, etc.) is undefined.)
| I'm using the egcs (1.0.3a) compiler with pentium gcc optimizations on a
| linux libc5 system.  (I have to use the egcs compiler because the extension
| modules I need to compile won't work with the older gcc.  I was unable to
| compile octave 2.0.9 with the egcs compiler.  If it's possible to do so,
| I would be just as happy to use 2.0.x as 2.1.x.)
| Repeat-By:
| ---------
|   % mkoctfile oregonator.cc   # This is the oregonator.cc in the examples
|                               # directory that comes with the octave
|                               # distribution.
|   % octave
|   > oregonator
| If I have built only static libraries (the default configuration option),
| then this tells me that check_version(const string &, const string &) is
| undefined.  If I configure with --enable-shared, it simply dumps core.
| Fix:
| ---
|   First, remove the extra ;;'s in mkoctfile.in and mkoctfile.

This should be fixed in the current sources.

|   I wish I knew how to get around the other problem.  Are dynamically
|   loaded functions simply not working at all in this development
|   release?  Can someone suggest a release that I should be using, which
|   I can use the egcs compiler with?

If you want to use 2.0.x, try using the latest test release, available
from ftp.che.wisc.edu in the directory pub/octave/test-releases.  It
should work with egcs.

If you want to use 2.1.x, wait a few hours until 2.1.13 is available.
It should also work with egcs and dynamically linked functions should

If you still have problems with one of these versions, please report



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