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the latest LAPACK

From: Ross A. Lippert
Subject: the latest LAPACK
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 10:07:48 -0600

> A pre-release of LAPACK 3.0 is available by doing
>    ftp cs.utk.edu
>    cd pub/sost/
>    binary
>    get pre-release.tar.gz
>    get revisions.info        (list of new routines and mods)
>    quit
> Among many nice things it does, is a computation of least square
> and SVD's via a new divide and conquer algorithm, which, according
> to some data Jim Demmel presented in a talk last week, can be as
> much as 5 times faster than the current routines.  It also has
> xgeev routines which do not barf on a bad example due to Wilkinson
> (there is a shifting policy that you can confuse badly with the
> right counterexample, and presently, octave's barfs on this).
> Since I have a research interest that requires fast SVD computation,
> I am thinking of trying to incorporate the new LAPACK routines into
> octave.  Unless, someone else is working on this, and then I would
> like to collaborate with them.  I'm not sure how much interest there
> is, or how much the octave code would need to be modified for the new
> routines.
> The release date of LAPACK 3.0 is set right now at June 30th and
> subject to change.
> -r

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