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IRIX problems and solutions

From: Ben Sapp
Subject: IRIX problems and solutions
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 08:40:11 -0600

munge-texi fails to compile on IRIX.  The reason is that it seems to
have some c++ symbols that are really large when the names get mangled. 
The GNU assembler can handle them, but the IRIX assembler can not.  The
GNU assembler does not work on IRIX though.   So, the -fsquangle option
is needed when you compile.  This means that to compile on IRIX a person
need a GNU C compiler newer than egcs 1.1.   

It is probably unwise to compile the entire distribution with the
-fsquangle option. The gcc manual explains why:
---gcc manual excerpt ---
`-fsquangle' will enable a compressed form of name mangling for
identifiers. In particular, it helps to shorten very long names by
recognizing types and class names which occur more than once,
replacing them with special short ID codes.  This option also
requires any C++ libraries being used to be compiled with this
option as well.  The compiler has this disabled (the equivalent of
`-fno-squangle') by default.
---gcc manual excerpt---

 Also I hope that it does not need to be linked with other programs in
the fututre as that will complicate things Further.   

Ben Sapp                         Los Alamos National Laboratory
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