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Re: make check

From: Thomas Walter
Subject: Re: make check
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 12:40:19 +0200

I investigated some time to the 'make check'.
On my linux system I had 'expect version 5.24.1' but no dejagnu.
I Downloaded 'dejagnu-1.3' from my nearest GNU mirror and unpacked it.
Now 'cd' into 'dejagnu-1.3/dejagnu'.
Call from your shell
   mkdir ~/dejagnu
   mkdir ~/dejagnu/lib
   mkdir ~/bin
   cp runtest* ~/bin
   cp lib/* ~/dejagnu/lib

Change to your octave-2.1.19/test directory and call
   make RUNTEST=$HOME/bin/runtest check
Ignore the message about missing global config file.  This is a file
'site.exp' which may be somewhere but you can savely ignore it.
Now the check should pass everthing except 'mktime-1.exp'.
Is you still have problems edit 'test/Makefile' and change the check
target to

        @if test -n "$(RUNTEST)"; then \
            OCTAVE="$(OCTAVE_BINARY)" \
            --tool octave --srcdir $(srcdir) -v -v $(RUNTEST_FLAGS); \
        else \
          echo "***"; \
          echo "*** Sorry, I can't run tests without DejaGnu"; \
          echo "***"; \

which invreases the verbosity level and you should see the path to
look for files.  Anothe helper may be

~/bin/runtest --host unix-octave --debug -v -v --srcdir . --tool octave 

Perhaps this helps you


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